Duromine: what affects its price?

If you want to buy Duromine diet pills, you can do this at one of the numerous pharmacies. After providing a prescription and payment, you will get one of the best and most effective anti-obesity drugs in the world.

Price of brand-name drug Duromine has never been very low. However, you can find this drug at reasonable price and save on obesity treatment.

A pharmaceutical company iNova supplies Duromine to Australia and some other countries. iNova first supplies Duromine to pharmaceutical warehouses, then diet pills are supplied at pharmacies.

Retail price of Duromine can significantly differ from the wholesale price. Each of the intermediaries sets a markup percentage; as a result, the final price increases. The larger the number of intermediaries and the greater markup percentage, the higher the retail price.

Pharmaceutical warehouses set a minimal markup percentage.

Prices are per pack containing 30 capsules. One package is enough for 30 days of use. Price of one day of treatment of overweight or obesity ranges from $ 3.17 to $ 4.23.

It should be noted that obese patients could order Duromine online only after providing a prescription (original) by post. Prescriptions sent by email or fax are considered invalid. Prescriptions have to be written by Australian registered doctors.

Duromine is produced in Australia and supplied to other countries, such as Singapore, South Africa, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Expenses for shipping and customs clearance affect the cost of any medications. Therefore, Duromine price is different at pharmacies around the world.

This is due to the fact that the pharmaceutical warehouses:

Have large volumes of sales
Are regulated by national health authorities

Price on Duromine at pharmacies can greatly differ from the price of pharmaceutical warehouses. If retail pharmacies spend great funds on doing business and have low sales volumes, markup percentage is high.

If you want to find Duromine at low price, look for this anti-obesity drug at large pharmacy chains. Typically, at such pharmacies prices are lower than at small pharmacies.

Today, one of the largest Australian pharmacy chains offers to buy Duromine online at the following prices.

Duromine 15mg – $ 94.99

Duromine 30mg – $ 109.50

Duromine 40mg – $ 126.99

Duromine price can be high, but not all obese patients have to pay full cost. If the drug is an item of government subsidies, or if there is medical insurance, the price can be reduced greatly.

Uninsured patients pay full cost of Duromine. For some patients, Duromine full price is very high, especially for people with low incomes.

Duromine 15 mg

If Duromine price is too high, similar drugs (generic drugs) can be used.

  • Generic drugs are copies of brand-name drug Duromine, but are usually cheaper.

Today, several generic drugs of Duromine are available at Australian pharmacies, but their price is not much different. Perhaps this is because the pharmaceutical company iNova is the only supplier of Duromine and its generic drugs in Australia.

A lot of generic drugs of Duromine are available in other countries.

For example, in Hong Kong, similar drugs supplied by five pharmaceutical companies are sold in addition to Duromine.

If Duromine price is too high at pharmacies, you can buy cheap generic drugs online. Today, manufacturers of Duromine generic drugs are dozens of pharmaceutical companies that supply medications at different prices.