Duromine at the best price

Today obese patients want not only to get rid of excess fat, but also to save money on obesity treatment. Knowledge of market prices will help to choose and buy cheap Duromine – the best-known appetite suppressant in the Asia-Pacific region.

Australian pharmaceutical company iNova produces and supplies Duromine to different countries of the world. Large pharmaceutical distributors can buy Duromine wholesale at the best price.

Distributors supply Duromine to retailers whose stocks of the diet pills have been finished or are finishing. The retailer sets the percentage mark-up and the drug becomes available for the consumers.

Today, iNova is not engaged in retail sales. Therefore, obese patients cannot buy weight loss drugs Duromine at manufacturer price.

Wholesale distributors purchase Duromine, set their markup percent and then sell these diet pills at new wholesale price. Buying of drugs wholesale is not needed and is not available for ordinary consumers.

Duromine 30 mg

As a result, the final price of Duromine is formed of the following components:

The manufacturer's price
The distributor’s mark-up
The retailer’s mark-up (pharmacy)

It should be noted that a license is needed to engage in the sale of drugs wholesale or retail.

Only a prescription is required to buy Duromine at pharmacy. However, it is not sufficient to buy Duromine wholesale at low price only in the availability of prescription.

Pharmacies are intended for retail sales.

The patient cannot buy anti-obesity medications wholesale, but can choose the pharmacy, where he will make his purchase. By finding the best pharmacy, you can buy Duromine at the best price.

To save on treating obesity, first it is necessary to find out prices on anti-obesity drugs at nearby pharmacies. Price lists of some pharmacies are available online, so you can find out Duromine prices in different cities or countries.

Today, one of the largest Australian pharmacy networks offers to buy 30 capsules of Duromine at $ 94.99 to $ 126.99. The price varies depending on dosage strengths of the capsules (15mg, 30mg or 40mg).

At small pharmacies, Duromine price can be higher than at large pharmacies. Therefore, if the drug price is known, but the nearest pharmacies do not offer it, you can order Duromine online.

  • To buy effective and safe anti-obesity drug, the patient does not need to attend in person. Today, many pharmacies offer to buy Duromine online at the best price.
  • To order weight loss pills Duromine online, it is necessary to provide a doctor’s prescription. The prescription (original) can be sent by mail.

Buying of cheap Duromine is a good, but not the best way to reduce the cost of treating obesity.

Some pharmacies offer to buy generic drugs of Duromine at low prices.

Generic drugs of Duromine are bioequivalent and therapeutically equivalent to brand-name counterpart. Therefore, patients can choose such drugs and be sure of their effectiveness and safety.

The manufacturers of generic drugs do not develop the drug from scratch and do not conduct extensive and expensive clinical trials.

Therefore, marketing costs of Duromine generic drugs are low.

Nevertheless, the manufacturers of generic drugs have to prove the medical regulatory authorities that their drugs work the same as brand-name drugs. Only then, Duromine generic drugs appear on pharmacies’ shelves.