What is the benefit of buying Duromine for insured patients?

Many inhabitants of Australia and New Zealand suffer from obesity. Many obese patients want to use Duromine for weight loss, but cannot afford it because of high price on the drug. However, insured patients can easily buy Duromine and use it for weight loss.

Benefits of Health Insurance:

Duromine purchase at reduced price
Qualified specialist consultation and the drug use under his supervision

The most common method of obesity treatment is dieting and physical exercise. However, healthy eating and physical activity are not always effective.

Another way to get rid of excess weight – is bariatric surgery.

However, it requires a lot of funds and not all obese patients can afford surgical method of obesity treatment. In addition, not all insurance companies cover costs of bariatric surgery.

  • Purchase and use of Duromine is the most cost-effective way of treating obesity comparing to diet or bariatric surgery. Getting rid of excess weight takes just three months of using Duromine.

There is a huge variety of companies that provide health insurance in Australia.

This can be public (MIGA, Medibank, iSelect) and private (AHM, HCF) insurance companies. Health insurance can be provided not only for residents of Australia, but also for tourists and foreign students.

Duromine is put under the Australian Government program – The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). This program is a part of the Australian Insurance Fund (HIF), and its task is to provide the population with necessary medicines whose cost exceeds $ 38 per pack.

PBS program operates as follows.

The patient with health insurance comes to the pharmacy to buy Duromine. Since price of the drug is $140, the patient pays only $ 38 per pack. The remaining $ 102 is paid by PBS.

Just as in Australia, there are a lot of public and private health insurance companies in New Zealand. However, residents of the country, as well as tourists and foreign students most often make use of services of private, rather than public health insurance.

Patients with private health insurance can get advice of a qualified medical professional in private hospitals before using Duromine. This allows to avoid queues at public medical institutions and save time.