The coach advises: how to choose a fitness club?


Personal trainer, certified specialist in functional training, stretching and fitness tells us how to choose a fitness club and why it is better to train with a personal trainer.

The fashion for a healthy lifestyle and our human nature sooner or later bring us to sports. In the modern world, there is no such person who would not have thought about getting a gym membership, be it to lose weight or to get healthier. Read on to find out how to avoid mistakes when choosing the format of a sports club and what is important for a beginner athlete to know.


There are four main types of fitness clubs:

Fitness club chains. Typically, these work according to the system of memberships, and the club card usually includes fitness testing and instruction.

Personal training fitness studios. Here, training will take place under a strict control of the trainer.

Fitness clubs with a specific direction. Currently, clubs that are narrowly focused on CrossFit, yoga, Pilates, EMS trainings, TRX, dances, rehabilitation directions, qigong, etc. are especially popular. In such gyms, the emphasis is placed on group trainings for athletes with different fitness levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced ).

Sports clubs like “muscle factory”. Often, these are gyms of economy class or clubs of local importance, which work for those who need just the weights, no frills.

We recommend choosing a chain fitness club or a personal training studio. Why? Let's see. The main advantages of chain fitness clubs, as a rule, are:

  • membership,
  • doctor’s consultation,
  • initial instruction.

Before you begin working out at the club, be sure to get tested by a doctor who will provide you with individual recommendations on nutrition and loads. As for instruction, do not deny this step.

  1. First, the trainer will acquaint you with safety techniques and basic machines;
  2. Secondly, you will get theopportunity to communicate with a professional, and, probably, feel a desire to train on an individual basis;
  3. Thirdly, the instructions will allow you to purchase the next club card with a pleasant discount.

The strong point of personal training studios is an individual approach to the client. Training are held in a private setting without a crowd of people with strictly regulated hours of the room booking, unlike the chain clubs.

You are the one to decide which fitness club to choose. If you are a beginner in sports, then it makes sense to trust an experienced specialist, no matter what you choose. It is often believed that the trainer is expensive and useless, and people begin exercising independently for the sake of economy, using the advice of friends and the Internet.


Neither the Internet nor friends are responsible for your health, so stop saving money on yourself! Rely on the trainer – you will be satisfied with the result and avoid injuries and disappointments.

The fitness trainer knows a lot, because he got appropriate education and constantly improves his professional qualification. The trainer is required for a beginner as a bookkeeper or a lawyer of the large company. He precisely carries out his functions, namely:

  • Teach you to perform basic exercises, helps develop the right technique, save you from injuries in the future.
  • Will carry out control and backup during the exercises.
  • Will provide you with recommendations on nutrition, which covers the proteins-fats-carbohydrates ratio, based on the load that you will be subjected to during training.
  • If necessary, he will develop a detailed nutrition program, taking into account your daily routine and physical activity.
  • Will surely plan a training program, based on your physical data and experience.First, he will develop a training program for the first month with trainings 2-3 times a week, the so-called “engaging training” (a mild program for each training day), then trainings for certain muscle groups, based on your results.
  • He will be in touch with you as a support and consultant on nutrition and workloads, and even act as a psychologist, if circumstances so require.
  • And these are not the only aspects, where the fitness coach will be useful.The most important advantage is that you will be able to train on your own after a while, using the knowledge gained.


You can understand what kind of trainer is in front of you during the initial instructions. Pay attention to how the trainer holds the dialogue with you. If the instructor’s speech is confident, he easily answers your questions, does not try to impose his opinion, and most importantly hears you and understands your desires, then you see a professional in front of you. You can safely entrust him with your trainings.

If the trainer looks lost, nervous, maybe even hesitated to immediately decide on where to start the instructions, then he is a beginner. If this is the case, it’s up to you to decide whether you will continue cooperating with him, or not. Who knows, maybe we should give the young trainer a chance to prove himself?

In addition to such opposing types of trainers, both professional and beginners, there are, so to speak, “intermediate” types. Alas, you will be able to distinguish these “fifty shades of trainers” only through practice.

Unfortunately, along with the responsible trainers, there are also non-initiative ones, who do not take into account individual characteristics and requests. You can easily distinguish such trainers at the initial stage, and change the trainer.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes, try, look for your ideal trainer, because it will depend on him, how qualitatively and safely your training will take place and how fast you will achieve your weight loss results.

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