Why is it important to take Duromine for diabetics?

Excess body weight is one of the risk factors for diabetes. Therefore, drugs for weight loss, such as Duromine can help to get rid of excess weight and to relieve symptoms of diabetes.

The more fat deposits the person has, the harder the body to produce insulin – a hormone necessary for processing of sugar in the body.

The risk of diabetes significantly increases in person with excess body weight. To reduce the risk of endocrine disease, the person needs to take the drug for weight loss, such as Duromine.

  • There are two types of diabetes.

Young patients usually suffer from type 1 diabetes and this disease is impossible to prevent, because it has genetic causes of occurrence.

Type 1 diabetes is incurable, but type 2 diabetes can be and must be treated. A fundamental factor for development of type 2 diabetes is extra weight. Use of drugs for weight loss, such as Duromine is prevention of endocrine disease.

Weight loss – is the main factor preventing occurrence of type 2 diabetes. To achieve an ideal weight and avoid diabetes, the person needs to take one Duromine 15mg or 30 mg capsule daily.

The maximum duration of Duromine application makes three months.

During this time, the person gets rid of excess weight, thus prevents the risk of diabetes.

Duromine should be taken not only as prevention of endocrine disease. This drug for weight loss can be used by the patients who have been already diagnosed with diabetes.

The main goal of diabetes treatment is stabilization of blood sugar level.

However, weight loss is also an important factor for getting rid of endocrine disease.

What is the benefit of using Duromine for diabetics?

  • Weight loss increases cells sensitivity to insulin
  • Load of fat deposits on the pancreas decreases and insulin is produced easier
  • Progression of diabetes stops and a dose of insulin can be reduced

Duromine should never be considered as a monotherapy of weight loss.

Acceptance of the drug should be combined with diet and moderate exercise. Duromine should become part of a comprehensive weight management program.

Duromine 40mgSince Duromine is an anorectic, i.e., an appetite suppressant, it helps to adhere to a diet.

Limitations in food are necessary for diabetics, since promote normalization of metabolic processes and reduce symptoms of diabetes.

Specific antidiabetic drugs, which can interact with Duromine, are not listed in indications for use. It is unknown how the drug for weight loss can affect action of one or another hypoglycemic drug.

Take caution when using Duromine with antidiabetic drugs, such as Glibenclamide, which is a derivative of sulfonylurea.

Use of each of these drugs alone often leads to side effects involving the gastrointestinal tract: dry mouth, nausea, or vomiting.

Combined use of Duromine and Glibenclamide can enhance the listed above adverse reactions.
Before using Duromine, diabetics should consult the treating physician.

This drug for weight loss may affect the blood sugar level. Therefore, doses of Duromine and antidiabetic drugs may need to be adjusted.