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All obese people who used or are currently using Duromine know that cost of obesity treatment is expensive and can have a negative impact on the family budget.

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Duromine is one of the most popular brand versions of anti-obesity drug Phentermine, and is in great demand not only among obese Australians, but also among obese New Zealanders.

  • Every year, considerable sums of money are allocated for fighting overweight, social programs for treatment of obesity both in adolescents and in adults are opening.

If you are a member of such program, you can get free Duromine pills and so obesity therapy will not affect the family budget too much.

But what about those obese people who do not participate in weight loss program and does not have health insurance that covers the costs of anti-obesity treatment.

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  • It should be noted that when used correctly, anorectic Duromine is usually well tolerated. Only a small number of obese people cannot use Duromine due to individual characteristics of their body.

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