Duromine ingredients

All medicines have active and inactive ingredients, and Duromine is not exception. In this review, you will learn about ingredients contained in Duromine and effects they exert.

Drug Duromine contains only one active ingredient – Phentermine.

Namely this ingredient helps to create a negative calorie balance due to which the patient loses weight.

Substance Phentermine was synthesized more than 65 years ago. Initially, this substance called phenyl-tertiary-butylamine, so «Phentermine» is a shortened version of this name.

  • Chemical formula – C10H15N

It should be noted that other substances, for example, Isopropylbenzylamine has the same chemical formula. However, atoms of this substance are connected differently, so properties are different.

  • Class – anorectic agent

Duromine 30mgJust as other drugs of a class of anorectic agents, Duromine blocks hunger signals and the brain does not give signals about the calorie saving. The body uses calories coming with food, as well as burns the accumulated calories (fats).

For treatment of overweight or obesity, Duromine capsules of various dosage strength are used.

Depending on obesity type and individual response, capsules containing 15mg, 30mg or 40mg of active ingredient Phentermine can be used.

Effectiveness of obesity treatment first depends on anorectic effect exerted by active ingredient Phentermine.

However, Duromine capsules contain several inactive ingredients that:

  • Do not provide therapeutic effect
  • Play important role in fighting obesity

Active substance Phentermine is contained in Duromine capsules as resins.

These resins begin to dissolve under the influence of substances present in the gastrointestinal fluid.

The main advantage of resins is gradual release of active ingredient Phentermine. After using one Duromine capsule in the morning, appetite is suppressed during the day.

Full list of Duromine inactive ingredients includes magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, lactose, gelatin, iron oxide black and liquid paraffin. In addition, the capsules shell include dyes giving green, red-brown, as well as orange color.

Anti-obesity drug Duromine contains only safe ingredients. However, some patients may have allergic reaction or other adverse effects caused by the ingredients.

If allergic reaction occurs in response to active substance Phentermine, it is necessary to review advisability of further use of Duromine. If adverse effects occur because of inactive ingredients, other Phentermine-containing medications (e.g., Adipex) can be used.