What is necessary to get a prescription for Duromine legally?

To date, amphetamine and similar drugs are sold by prescription only. This also applies to Duromine, since the first market launch in 1959; it is a prescription medicine. Today, many patients with obesity are interested in how to get a prescription for Duromine.

This sympathomimetic, stimulant and anorectics is one of the most popular drugs today, similar to amphetamine. There are several reasons why Duromine is available by prescription only.

Sale of this weight loss drug by prescription helps:

  • Reduce risk of abuse and psychological dependence
  • Simplify control of dosage and duration of using this drug by patients
  • Reduce risk of overdose and any possible intoxication effects including dermatosis

Some online pharmacies claim that they give digital or paper prescription for Duromine.

However, these prescriptions are considered invalid; purchase of this anti-obesity drug using them is illegal.

Only patients with a BMI above 27 kg / m2 can get a prescription for Duromine legally.

This anorectic is often prescribed for people with various secondary disorders such as hyperlipidemia, diabetes, or controlled hypertension.

Before to get a prescription for Duromine, you should be examined by an endocrinologist, nutritionist, cardiologist, and other medical professionals.

This will help to identify the exact cause of weight gain and presence or absence of disorders in which this drug is contraindicated for use:

  • Thyrotoxicosis
  • Depressive disorder
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Elevated intraocular pressure

The majority of patients with a BMI above 40 kg / m2 can develop a variety of disorders of the musculoskeletal system that leads to reduced mobility. Therefore, the question – “Can a relative or guardian get a prescription for Duromine instead of the patient?” is a relevant for such patients.

To reduce the risk of Duromine abuse, the prescription for this drug is not given to third parties. However, after preliminary examinations, patients with physical disabilities can get a digital prescription and order delivery of this medication on online pharmacy.

Patients with overweight, who have a prescription for Duromine, are also prescribed with diet and physical therapy and with obligatory regular psychologist consultations.