Duromine for treatment of obese patients

Duromine drug is used to treat obese patients who are not able to reduce body weight by themselves. The drug suppresses appetite and reduces a layer of fat under the skin and around the internal organs.

Diet pills Duromine can be used to treat patients who have contraindications to other methods of treating obesity or these methods were ineffective.

Duromine effectively suppresses appetite in patients with all classes of obesity including extreme obesity. However, people have different metabolic rate, different amounts of fat accumulated, therefore goals and results of using the drug may vary.

The main goal of treating obesity is a stable and significant reduction in body weight. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to make consistent steps and Duromine can become the most important of them.

Today, Duromine is indicated for obese patients, who:

  • Have been denied weight loss surgery
  • Have undergone bariatric surgery

The first goal of using Duromine for people with different classes of obesity:

  • Class 1 obesity – a change in diagnosis of obesity in diagnosis of overweight.
  • Class 2 and 3 obesity – a decrease in obesity severity and obtaining a healthier body weight.

Duromine really works and helps to achieve set goals.

Taking this medication, you may not worry about hunger pains throughout the day and focus on losing weight quickly.

Effectiveness of any weight loss drugs depends on the effects they provide.

Anorectic effect of Duromine occurs when using any of the recommended doses (15 mg, 30 mg or 40 mg once daily).

Choice of proper dosage strength of Duromine for patients with different classes of obesity can accelerate the treatment. Therefore, if anorexigenic effect is insufficient, the daily dose should be increased.

The initial recommended dose for obese patients makes 30 mg of Duromine once daily, in the morning. If the maximum suppression of appetite is necessary, use the dose of 40mg once daily (this dose should not be exceeded).

If the patient uses the recommended doses of Duromine and class of obesity will change for the better, this can already be called a great achievement.

Duromine reduces body weight at the average by 12%. Weight loss by more than 5% is a dominant factor of reducing morbidity, especially diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.