Duromine vs Desoxyn – Which one to choose?

Duromine and Desoxyn are the oldest stimulant drugs with pharmacology similar, but not identical to Amphetamine. Both drugs suppress appetite and help you eat less.

Although drugs Duromine and Desoxyn are mainly similar, there are significant differences between them. In particular, this applies to purposes for which they are used.

Duromine vs Desoxyn: indications

Desoxyn contains active ingredient Methamphetamine.

This drug is prescribed to treat:

  • Overweight
  • Obesity

Duromine contains active substance Phentermine.

Like any other drugs that include Phentermine, Duromine is prescribed to treat:

  • ADHD
  • Obesity

It is clinically proven that benefit of using Desoxyn for obesity treatment does not outweigh potential risks. Therefore, this drug is not used for obesity treatment.

Duromine vs Desoxyn: manufacturers and dosage form

The owner of trademark Duromine is a pharmaceutical company Valeant.

Duromine is approved for use in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore and some other countries in the Asia-Pacific Region. Today, this drug is not sold in the USA, Canada, UK and Europe.

A company Recordati Rare Diseases owns trademark Desoxyn.

The drug is approved for use in the USA. Desoxyn contains active substance Methamphetamine, which has a high potential for abuse. Storage, production and sale of drugs containing Methamphetamine are restricted or prohibited in many countries.

Today, these drugs in the following dosage forms and strengths are available on the market:

  • Duromine extended-release capsules 15mg, 30mg and 40mg
  • Desoxyn immediate-release tablets 5 mg

Duromine 40mg capsules are hardly approved in every country. Desoxyn sustained-release tablets 5mg, 10mg and 15mg were sold previously, but today they are not available at US pharmacies.

Duromine vs Desoxyn: efficiency

The total weight loss associated with the use of Duromine or Desoxyn drug was studied by numerous clinical trials. The results are highly varied from trial to trial, and often they were the opposite.

Therefore, it can be concluded that efficiency of Desoxyn and Duromine is identical. Rate of weight loss will be approximately the same, at least for most people.

Pharmacological activity of Duromine and Desoxyn is similar to other anorexigenic agents. The rate of weight loss depends on changes in dietary behavior and increase of overall level of activity.

Duromine vs Desoxyn: recommendations for use

Capsules Duromine gradually dissolve in the gastrointestinal tract and suppress appetite for a long time. Therefore, this drug should be taken once daily with breakfast.

Desoxyn tablets rapidly dissolve in the stomach and quickly suppress appetite. However, anorectic effect of this drug is shorter than that of Duromine. One tablet of Desoxyn 5 mg is recommended to take about half an hour before each meal.

Duromine vs Desoxyn: adverse reactions

People taking Duromine often experience such side effects as dry mouth, rapid heartbeat, tremor, indigestion, sleep problems, headache and dizziness.

  • The same side effects arise when using Desoxyn. If Desoxyn tablets are used for ADHD treatment, decreased appetite and weight loss will be considered as side effects.
  • Sometimes Desoxyn causes musculoskeletal side effects, for example, rhabdomyolysis (breakdown of skeletal muscle). This drug can also cause suppression of growth.

Duromine or Desoxyn: What to choose?

Each of these drugs has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before starting drug treatment of obesity, it is best to consult your doctor.

Doctors do not like to prescribe Desoxyn if there is no urgent need. This is associated with the fact that drugs containing Methamphetamine are often abused by. Desoxyn can be prescribed if Duromine is ineffective.

If you have not used anorectic drugs before, it is likely that you will be prescribed with Duromine or other drug containing Phentermine. These anorectic drugs are most commonly prescribed to treat overweight or obesity.