Duromine vs Meridia – What is better?

Drugs Duromine and Meridia will help to get rid of excess fat without surgery. Duromine and Meridia are classified as CNS-active drugs, they suppress appetite, and yet there are significant differences between them.

By using Duromine and Meridia, appetite is suppressed and food intake is reduced. The body constantly needs calories. Therefore, when calories do not come from food, the body begins to use accumulated fats as an energy source.

Both drugs lead to stable and significant weight loss. Nevertheless, neurochemical effects of drugs Meridia and Duromine differ, so weight loss results will be different.

At first glance, the results are obvious and it is clear what anti-obesity drug is a leader. However, treatment of obesity can be time-consuming and it should be considered when selecting drugs.

Duromine vs Meridia: weight loss

When an obese patient begins using appetite suppressants, no one can exactly say what weight loss result will be.

Rate of weight loss can be different even in two twin brothers who suffer from obesity.

Nevertheless, there are results of clinical trials of diet pills Duromine and Meridia.

Thousands of people took part in these trials, and they have burned accumulated fats at different rates. After completion of the trials, average weight loss results were determined.

Within 30 days of treatment, obese patients weighing about 100 kg can lose:

  • 4 kg using Duromine
  • 2 kg using Meridia

Duromine vs Meridia: duration of use

Overweight or class 1 obesity can be treated quickly enough. If the patient suffers from class 2 obesity or extreme obesity, treatment can be lengthy.

Daily intake of Duromine or Meridia suppresses appetite.

The central nervous system (CNS) is gradually adapted to the action of drugs and their efficiency gradually decreases.

The rate of adaptation of the central nervous system to drugs is different.

Therefore, these appetite suppressants have different recommended duration of use:

  • Duromine – up to 12 weeks
  • Sibutramine – up to 12 months

If to take Duromine within 3 months, you can lose about 12 kg of body weight. If to take Meridia for 1 year, you can lose 24 kg of excess fat.

It should be noted that these appetite suppressants not always cause significant weight loss. For example, Meridia efficiency may significantly decrease after 6 months of treatment. Nevertheless, Meridia is continued to use for maintenance of weight loss.

Duromine and Meridia burn fat at different rate, but benefit of weight loss is obvious. Benefit of using any drugs should be compared with risks, especially when used the CNS stimulants.

Duromine vs Meridia: safety and side effects

Meridia and Duromine prevent transmission of signals between the brain cells and suppress appetite.

Both drugs may cause side effects including severe.

If benefit of using appetite suppressants exceeds the risks of potential side effects, the drug will be classified as an effective and safe by medical regulatory authorities (e.g. FDA). Otherwise, the drug will not be approved or will be withdrawn from the market.

  • Meridia appetite suppressant went on sale in 1997 and quickly became popular.
  • The drug has been sold within 13 years and then was withdrawn from the market.

According to the results of additional clinical trials, it was found out that use of Meridia most often causes dangerous cardiovascular side effects than considered previously. In 2010, Meridia marketing was discontinued.

Duromine is available on the market for over 50 years and has already helped millions of people to get rid of excess fat. Repeated clinical studies have confirmed efficiency and safety of Duromine.