Duromine vs Panbesy: what is common and what is the difference between them?

By choosing Phentermine for weight loss, patients can buy drug under such brand names as Duromine and Panbesy. Both drugs have much in common, but there are some distinguishing characteristics.

Each of the drugs came into the market in different times. Duromine was approved for obesity treatment in 1969, while Panbesy – twenty years later, in 1989.

Dosage form of both drugs are capsules that contain 15mg or 30 mg of active ingredient Phentermine.

However, Duromine capsules also contain 40 mg of the active substance. The daily dose of Duromine 40 mg can be used only in exceptional cases for patients with severe obesity.

Different chemical structures of the active substance are used in the capsules production of two different drugs. Ion exchange complex called Phentermine Resin is contained in Duromine capsules. Active form of active ingredient Phentermine is HCl in Panbesy.
Phentermine HCl is absorbed faster than Resin after oral administration.

However, anorectic effect of Panbesy is significantly shorter than that of Duromine. Short duration of action does not mean that Panbesy is to be taken more than once a day.

Dosage forms and recommendations for use of both drugs are no different from each other:

  • One capsule in the morning before breakfast
  • Compliance with the diet plan and regular exercise during the drug application
  • Do not use simultaneously Duromine and Panbesy or in combination with other drugs for weight loss

Two companies – an Australian iNova and a New Zealand Bausch & Lomb are engaged in production and delivery of Duromine. Both companies are subsidiaries of Valeant.

A company Lf Asia owns rights to sell Panbesy in Hong Kong.

A Swiss pharmaceutical company Osmopharm produces Panbesy specifically for Singapore residents, but Euro Asia is engaged in supply within this country.

  • Today in Singapore, you can buy as Duromine, so and Panbesy.

This country is one of the world leaders in the use of drugs for weight loss. According to data of 2004, Singapore took the second place after the USA on the use of drugs for weight loss based on Phentermine.