Duromine vs Tenuate: choice of a drug for weight loss

Duromine or Tenuate help people who are unable to lose weight through diet and exercise to get rid of extra kilos. Before to choose one of the drugs for weight loss, it is necessary to figure out what is common and what is the difference between Duromine and Tenuate.

What is common in Duromine and Tenuate?

  • Both are sympathomimetics
  • Promote weight loss by suppressing appetite
  • Stimulate release of norepinephrine and dopamine – neurotransmitters affecting the feeling of hunger

Duromine and Tenuate are different by dosage form and active ingredients.

Duromine capsules may contain 15mg, 30mg or 40 mg of Phentermine.

Dosage form of Tenuate are conventional tablets containing 25 mg of Diethylpropion. Extended-release tablets (ER) under the name Tenuate Dospan contain 75 mg of active substance.

To achieve weight loss by means of Tenuate, one conventional tablet should be taken before each main meal.

One more Tenuate pill can be taken in the evening if the patient wants to overcome the night hunger. Instead of three or four conventional tablets, one tablet of Tenuate Dospan can be taken in the morning.

  • Duromine dose needed to suppress hunger for the whole day is immediately taken by the patient. A capsule of Duromine 30 mg should be taken on an empty stomach, in the morning. If the patient has very high indicators of BMI, 40 mg of Duromine can be required daily.
  • Thus, the patient has more possibilities to control the feeling of hunger when using conventional tablets Tenuate. Depending on the circumstances, a dose of Tenuate can be skipped.
  • On the other hand, the minimum multiplicity of using Duromine capsules or Tenuate Dospan tablets eliminates the need to take the anorectic several times a day. A single dose of the drug reduces risk of side effects and increases adherence to obesity treatment.

Duromine is indicated only as short-term treatment of obesity.

If the patient failed to lose weight after 3 months of using Duromine, application of anorectic should be discontinued.

Limited duration of using this anorectic – a few weeks is specified in indications for Tenuate use. However, clinical trials have confirmed effectiveness of Diethylpropion for weight loss within 2 years of use. Application of the anorectic does not cause drug dependence or serious side effects. Diethylpropion effectiveness does not decrease over time.

Use of Duromine and Tenuate should be a part of weight management program.

  1. Administration of anorectics should be combined with a diet plan and physical activity. A healthy and balanced diet increases efficiency of anorectics, while exercises increase weight loss.
  2. An Australian company iNova and a New Zealand company Bausch & Lomb manufacture and supply Duromine.
  3. Both companies are subsidiaries of Valeant. Previously, the drug for weight loss was sold in many European countries.

However, since 2002, none of the European pharmaceutical companies is no longer engaged in the production or supply of Duromine.

  • A company Actavis has rights for sale of Tenuate in the USA.

Previously anorectics were also sold in Canada. In Europe, Diethylpropion is better known under the name Amfepramone.

Although Duromine and Tenuate are equally effective for weight loss, anorectics differ in chemical composition. Each patient may differently respond to the effect of Duromine or Tenuate.